Lovely wedding recptions

Successful wedding reception can not take place without good music and proper leading until early morning. This is what we guarantee, as wedding receptions are the main focus in our offer. Of course, all in a reasonable price! We have several years of experience and we had the opportunity to witness many happy moments during our wedding games. The key to our parties success is a carefully planned list of songs that we adapt to the taste of the bride and groom. We also try to advise on the selection of music by offering golden hits completed with a whole bunch of news. The music played by us encourages both the younger and the older generation of wedding guests to hit the dancefloor. Our repertoire consists of 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and newer music, including golden hits and Polish classics, disco music in good taste;). However, the final shape of the playlist is always consulted and confirmed by our clients at the organizational meeting. Apart from great music, we are also involved in wedding receptions, as conferences and leaders. From welcome to the wedding guests, through toasts,until the end of the party, alternately fill the wedding hall with our warm voices. We do not make long breaks. Point by point we implement a plan prepared by the newlyweds. We try to make both sites satisfied with the cooperation.