About us

Few words about us ... Under this name there are two brothers with a common musical passion. They are young, energetic, always ready to work. They are not afraid of any challenges. In spite of their experience at parties and high skills, they have very affordable service prices because they play with pleasure, for them the most important is good public opinion. They treat work as the most important mission in life. Missions in which everyone is haveing great fun until the morning. With them the party is always successful! Despite their charm, behind the console they often feel better than in the company of the most beautiful women :) Music is their life, for which they are able to sacrifice everything. They started from the school discos and small discotheques in their region, later they had the opportunity to lead events for the older audience. They constantly develop their skills, aiming perfection, because no one is perfect. When they got their first consoles, they mastered it after a few days. Their repertoire is a mixture of different styles of music with a high dose of sour and surprising sounds that positively make the party. They like to play all kinds of music. From the Golden Hits, the biggest radio hits through the Disco Polo to the club atmosphere. They handle every kind of music. They work very well with the microphone, they can warm up each company. Now together they create DJ BRACHOLE!